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The Belar PWM-1 Peak Weighting Module is an option (consisting of a circuit board with a rear-panel rotary switch) that adds peak weighting to the Peak Mod and 100% peak lights of the Belar FMM-2 FM Modulation Monitor. The PWM-1 also adds a wideband, 75-ohm buffered composite output to the FMM-2.

Peak weighting is a method for allowing brief modulation peaks to be ignored by your monitor. This will generally result in your monitor indicating a lower peak modulation for a given modulation level.

The PWM-1 Peak Weighting Module can be set to ignore peaks shorter than 3, 5, 9, 15, and 20 cycles (of a 10 kHz burst) as well as Bypass (no peak weighting). The setting is easily changed by turning a rotary switch mounted on the back panel of the monitor.

The PWM-1 can ordered with your new FMM-2, or it can be retrofitted to the FMM-2 you already own. (It will not work with the older Belar FMM-1 or RCA BW-75A Modulation Monitor.) You can add this module yourself, or you can have it installed by Belar. Please contact Belar for more details. If you already own an FMM-2, make sure you provide us with the serial number when you contact us.

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