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RDS-1 photo


The RDS-1 is a fully-featured RDS/RBDS monitor and decoder that incorporates both the RBDS standard in the U.S. and the RDS standard in Europe and other countries. The RDS-1 is essential to monitor critical RDS parameters, such as RDS injection and the phase relationship between the RDS subcarrier and the stereo pilot. The RDS-1 decodes all the major group types and provides the data in fully decoded and hexidecimal formats. An RS-232 interface and a Wizard interface are built in to the RDS-1, for easy remote communication and full-screen displays.


  • Total Modulation

  • RDS Injection

  • RDS Phase Error

  • Pilot Injection

  • Block Error Rate

  • Basic RDS Data, including PI, PS, PTY, TP, TA, M/S, DI, AF, ECC, PIN, Radio Text A&B, Location (State, City, Grid), Time, Date, and Group Types being transmitted.

  • Transparent Data Channels (0-31)

  • In-House Data Channels (0-31)

  • Paging Information, including MMBS Detection, Network Group, Paging Interval, and Radio Paging Data (Group Code, BCD pager ID, type of page, and text of page).

  • Group Data (Hexidecimal and ASCII for all groups).


    Input Level                                    2.8V- 5.7V P-P composite
    Input Impedance                                100 kohm, unbalanced, BNC connector
         RDS Data, RDS Clock, 
         Regenerated 57 kHz,  Regenerated 19 kHz. 
         Pilot, Subcarrier                         BNC Connectors
    Remote Alarm/Status Outputs:
         Three programmable relay assignments allow remote indication of a variety of
         user-selectable parameters, such as RDS Sync, PTY30 and PTY31, etc.
    Communications Ports:
         Wizard Interface In,
         Wizard Interface Out                      15 pin D connector
         RS-232                                    9-pin D connector
    Dimensions                                     1.75"H x12.5"D  x 19"W
                                                   (1 EIA Rack Unit)
    Power                                          100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz

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