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The Belar SCM-2 SCA Modulation Monitor, when added to the Belar FMM-2 Modulation Monitor or the Belar FMM-1 Frequency and Modulation Monitor, provides complete monitoring and test functions for SCA storecasting, data transmission and remote telemetering applications. Up to four frequency switch positions allow four channels to be operated and tested. The first switch position is preset to 67 kHz.

Features include two deviation ranges for optimum operation of a particular subcarrier. The variable deviation feature offers a range of 2 kHz to 7 kHz for your particular needs. Normal operation (6 kHz deviation) is for storecasting and other background programming applications. The digital discriminator is wideband for minimum distortion. Maximum versatility is thus provided for future applications as well as for present needs.

The SCM-2 features unlimited SCA frequency selection by incorporating interchangeable clock oscillators into its unique design. Select the frequencies best suited to your application. Monitor four channels by means of push-button selection. The front panel push-button digital modulation calibrator allows the calibration accuracy to be checked at any time.


Modulation Meter Range               133% to  80 dB

                                     absolute value for peak monitoring

                                     autoranging for test measurements

SCA Modulation Sensitivities         100% = 6 kHz

                                     or variable 2kHz to 7kHz

SCA Modulation Calibrator            6 kHz

SCA Subcarrier                       24 kHz to 125 kHz,

                                     67 kHz and 3 additional switched positions

                                                  (specify frequencies)

SCA Injection Level                  133% to 1%

Internal Crosstalk

  Sub to Main	                     80 dB

  Main to Sub	                     Better than 60 dB

  Stereo to Sub                      Better than 60 dB

Remote Metering	                     Modulation meter may be

                                     remotely metered, 5000 ohms

                                     external loop resistance

Dimensions                           5.25"H x 10.5"D x 19"W

                                     (EIA Rack Mount)

Power Requirements                   110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Shipping Weight	                     14 lbs

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